Seven Tips to Successfully Purchase a Home, Hire the right real estate agent

All agents are not the same. These days anyone can obtain a real estate license but in order to truly maximize your profits, you need a team of experienced professionals who know how to present, handle and price your offers. Why pay more than you may have to by hiring acquaintances, friends, and relatives who may be licensed but lack the resources, knowledge, training and track record you need to ensure that you obtain a home for a fair price. In today's marketplace, it takes more than just a real estate license to successfully offer a fair market price and have it accepted. It takes knowledge and expertise to convince a seller to accept today’s market value.

Today's marketplace can be competitive and challenging. The decline in property values for most areas translates to overpriced homes where sellers have a difficult time accepting the declining values. The following tips will enable you to be more prepared and qualified in not only finding but purchasing your dream home.

1. Financing.

Understand the financing options that are available to you. Talk to several mortgage brokers and lenders to determine your purchasing power. Because of the recent tightening of mortgage loan requirements, keep an open mind to seller and creative financing. Remember to take into account your living expenses and lifestyle goals. You may qualify for far more than your comfort level allows. Additionally, you should ask about taxes, homeowners' dues (if relevant), insurance, maintenance and utilities to determine your total monthly expenses.

2. Cost of Purchase

We will provide you with an estimate of what your closing costs are likely to be so that you are financially prepared for the close of escrow.

3. Educate Yourself

Speak to us about neighborhoods that suit your needs. Know which areas are most convenient for you and others who will be living in the home as well as the areas that have available homes in your desired price range.

4. Focus on the Important Issues

Know the difference between your "wants" and your "needs" as it may not be practical to find a home that satisfies both. Focus on the important issues rather than being distracted by minor cosmetic issues that can easily be addressed later. To that end, imagine the home with your furnishings and decorations in it.

5. Obtain a Pre-Approval Letter

Sellers will want to know that you are qualified for the purchase price. Submitting a pre-approval letter with your offer puts you in a much stronger position in the eyes of the seller. This one element alone has become a virtual requisite component of any successful offer. Don't confuse a mortgage pre-approval letter by an institutional lender with a pre-qualification letter. That is just an opinion that you probably can obtain a mortgage. Pre-approval letters are only issued by actual mortgage lenders.

6. Know the Purchase Contract

We will go through the purchase agreement with you ahead of time. We have a thorough grasp of all its terms and contingencies and know its intricate details. Having a good understanding of the purchase agreement will make it much easier for you to make important decisions quickly, which can improve your chances of success.

7. Be Accessible

Because properties move quickly in this market, if it is possible, try to be available to view homes on short notice. If you are not available by cell phone or email, determine how you can arrange for us to contact you quickly when new properties come on the market.

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