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As you may or may not know there has been quite a bit of change, in the past several years regarding real estate residential investing. “Raw” data regarding potential discounted property leads is readily available via the internet, and there is a large oversupply of investors vs. the number of profitable deals. We attribute this to our changing economy and the onslaught of people who have gotten into the business encouraged by investor educators/mentors who say that one can do this full time, become financially free, while showing you how easy it is on a half hour television show! One would have to stop and wonder. “if it were so easy and lucrative, why are they teaching and not investing”? Jeff Lewis from Bravos “Flipping Out” T.V. show, transformed his show from property flipping to interior design. The fact of the matter is, good deals are hard to come by and the oversupply of new, investors who have just spent a lot of money learning how to be investors are anxious to become instant millionaires, and more than willing to overbid on a property to get the ball rolling and resort to prayers as a method of practical business practice.

Why WalshStreet  Inc. versus other Investors? We value our reputation, which is built on thirty one years as trusted Investors, Certified Appraisers and licensed Realtors. We offer our investor, client/partners lower risks and abide by the rule that “the profit is in the purchase price”! We strive to give you unexpected profit at the end of your investment venture. One of the most common ways we are able to lower your risk is by the comparable sales we provide you to support the ARV. We only use comparable sales that would be accepted by lenders, unlike many who “cherry pick” comparables they use to support their ARV, which leads to unrealistic values. By keeping your ARV within lender guidelines, you make your property more marketable – to all cash buyers or buyers who need a mortgage. Because of our appraisal background, we are able to suggest improvements or repairs that substantially increase the margin between overall value vs. expense, based on neighborhood market trends. Don’t hesitate, sign up at to take advantage of our deals.

Lawrence Walsh, CEO



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